Making the Case for Digital Transformation

Measuring ROI

Organizations of all sizes have attempted to revolutionize their business under the umbrella of “digital transformation,” but many of these efforts have failed to achieve the desired results. Contrary to broadly-held beliefs, the root cause of such shortcomings is often not the technology that was selected, but rather the misapplication of technology to the problem—or a misunderstanding of the problem itself.

The dizzying pace of technological change also means that digital transformation activities look very different now than they did just 18–24 months ago, making it difficult to benchmark results. Even the phrase “digital transformation” is squarely focused on the technology. The reality, however, is that all business problems involve people and process components that must be part of the solution.

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Cat Carter

Cat Carter

VP of Marketing

Cat is Levvel’s VP of Marketing. She has extensive experience in branding, messaging, product management, and consulting.