Insights on Zelle from the Levvel Payments Team

Insights on Zelle

Zelle, a new peer-to-peer (P2P) payments service backed by over 30 major U.S. banks, is generating a lot of buzz as of late. But what exactly is Zelle, and how is it any different from Venmo and other P2P payment services?

As a veteran of the financial services and payments industries, I recently wrote an article for the Let’s Talk Payments website to answer these and other common questions on Zelle, such as:

  • Is this the end of Venmo and Square Cash?
  • What technology is powering Zelle’s engine?
  • What is Zelle’s impact on P2P and real-time payments?
  • How does Zelle affect my business? Why should I consider (or reconsider) it?
  • How might Zelle be used in the future?

Read the full article on the Let’s Talk Payments website to learn more about how Zelle is disrupting the payments industry and the effects it will have on your business and your relationship with your customers.

Scott Harkey

Scott Harkey

Payments Practice Lead

Scott Harkey leads the Payment Practice at Levvel where he manages the payments efforts with a number of US, UK, and Canadian banks, digital wallets, TSMs, Acquirers and startups on digital payment strategy, technical architecture, and custom digital payment application development efforts. Prior to joining Levvel, Scott was a Technology Executive at Bank of America managing the bank’s Digital Wallet efforts.