July 21, 2015

Gravy creates a gift giving and recognition experience for small and medium sized business as well as individual consumers. Gravy came to LEVVEL with a great idea but in need of some help understanding how to build products in a mobile-first world.

The LEVVEL team was able to take this vision and define a mobile product that was not simply a mobile version of a web application, but a truly unique experience optimized for mobile e-commerce transactions and ApplePay integration.

Based on deep experience in both mobile development and payments, the LEVVEL team was able to integrate ApplePay functionality seamlessly into the app and launch an ApplePay enable version of Gravy only days after ApplePay was enabled.

The LEVVEL team continues to work with Gravy today providing ongoing support and enhancements, product roadmap guidance, and technical sales capabilities.

Levvel Services:
Tech Strategy, App Development, Product Management, Mobile First, Payments

Ruby on Rails, Heroku, Spree Commerce, iOS – Swift, Stripe, ApplePay

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