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API Governance in the Enterprise

An organization’s API management program will not be successful without governance. Like any IT system, the key to successful governance within API management is people, process, and technology. At the same time, the process can’t be cumbersome and overbearing, or people won’t adhere to it.

Dino Chiesa of Apigee and I held a webcast on the topic of “API Governance in the Enterprise” on October 13, 2016, during which we discussed how to strike that balance. Watch the video below and/or read the accompanying slides for insights on building a policy-driven approach to API management.

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Robert C. Broeckelmann Jr.

Robert C. Broeckelmann Jr.

Principal Consultant, Levvel

My focus within Information Technology is API Management, Integration, and Identity–especially where these three intersect. Most recently, I have been working with Apigee Edge and WebSphere DataPower.

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