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2020 Travel & Expense Management Insight Report


Dec 03

2020 Business Payments Insight Report

Levvel’s 2020 Business Payments Insight Report explores the current state of payments management and how to make organizations’ payments structure less laborious and more efficient.


Dec 02

2021 Cloud Technology Management Insight Report

This report highlights the main issues organizations face when deploying cloud environments, offers solutions to overcome these technological challenges, and serves as an educational guide to determine your migration and cloud management plan.


Nov 25

Racing Organization Dominates NASCAR Series by Using Telemetry to Collect Data in Near Real-Time

Case Study

Nov 23

When Do Most Organizations Plan to Adopt RTP?

While adoption of The Clearing House’s Real-Time Payments (RTP) is picking up among financial institutions, its spread among businesses is still early.


Nov 20

Creating a Better Hospitality Experience With Contactless Payments Technology

If you have ever been to a bar on a busy night, you know what it’s like to have to wait in line or push through a throng of people to be able to rest your elbow on the bartop and request a drink.

Case Study

Nov 17

Exploring the Connection Between Legacy Dependence, Digital Strategy, and Achieving Business Goals

Experts from Levvel and Truist discuss insights gained from our 2020 Legacy Modernization Report. We'll cover companies’ legacy systems dependence, as well as how to tackle digital strategy and achieve business goals with modernization efforts.


Nov 12

What Percentage of Organizations Feel Uninformed About RTP?

In our recent survey of businesses of all sizes, 49% of respondents said they were uninformed about RTP. This gap can be filled by financial institutions, business process automation software, and even businesses themselves.


Oct 29

Video Series: The Future of Insurance


Oct 28

Why Organizations Can’t Innovate or Improve

Many organizations struggle to understand how to best innovate and improve. However, doing things the way you’ve always done them will prevent your business from scaling effectively.


Oct 28

2021 Real-Time Payments Market Insight Report

Levvel Research's 2021 Real-Time Payments Report (RTP) provides a guide to the many use cases of RTP for businesses and outlines the ROI of adoption for financial management processes, product delivery, and customer satisfaction.


Oct 27

Our 2021 Cloud Technology Management Insight Report is here

This report highlights the main issues organizations face when deploying cloud environments, offers solutions to overcome these technological challenges, and serves as an educational guide to determine your migration and cloud management plan.
What RTP Means for P2P

Procure-to-Pay (P2P) software is highly reliant on technological innovation, and providers that match customer needs with cutting-edge technology are the ones that succeed.


Oct 26

Reshaping Language Around Digital Payments Product Drives Success for Leading Technology Player

A US-based, multinational, technology company wanted to refresh their digital payments product as they continued their global expansion. Getting major financial institutions (FIs) on board would prove to be challenging.

Case Study

Oct 22

Video Series: Digital Innovation and the Cloud

In this video series from Levvel, our industry experts discuss the ways cloud services can support digital innovation, the differences between cloud and on-premises security approaches, and the benefits that come with adopting a cloud architecture.


Oct 20

Global Innovation Lab’s P2P Strategy Improves Banking Experience With Creation of Digital Payments Prototype

Headquartered in New York, a global innovation lab needed help giving one of their clients, a financial industry giant, a point of view in finding new use cases for financial opportunities with Zelle.

Case Study

Oct 16

Tokenization Product Build Keeps Payments Leader a Step Ahead

A national leader in financial services wanted to implement a payment credential tokenization system to further enhance the safety and soundness of digital payments.

Case Study

Oct 06

Forecasting the 2020 Travel & Expense Insight Report

Levvel Research's 2020 Travel & Expense Insight Report is set to be a standout amongst previous years’ versions. Because of COVID-19, 2020 has been a year unlike any other, and corporate travel and expense management has been drastically affected.


Oct 05

Global Fast Food Chain Improves Mobile Payment Capabilities for Better Customer Service and Franchisee Experience

This digital payments client, a fast food industry giant, wanted to roll out a new global ordering platform for their mobile app.

Case Study

Sep 30

Improving Digital Payments Infrastructure in a Global Market

A global transportation company, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, wanted to centralize and simplify their payments infrastructure.

Case Study

Sep 30

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