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KubeCon 2019 Retrospective: Why Kubernetes?


Apr 01

Real-time Payments: Looking Forward in 2020

Now that 2020 has arrived, the reality of RTP adoption has begun to outpace planning for implementation. The RTP conversation is no longer around should it be implemented, but rather of use cases that have been missed to better serve customers.


Mar 18

Video Series: Real-time Payments Aftermath—Product Management for the Future of Real-time

Throughout this series we'll provide answers to frequently asked questions surrounding product management for RTP, such as managing the product(s) long term, dealing with cannibalizing current products, and more.


Feb 17

Real-time Payments Strategy: Large vs. Small Financial Institutions


Feb 12

API Design: GraphQL vs. REST

API design is crucial, giving structure to application interaction. Given cross-functional teams and applications, development time is reduced with a clear, intuitive way to access data. API development often follows two approaches: REST and GraphQL.


Feb 07

Everything You Need to Know About the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and How to Be Compliant

As of June 2018, the state of California passed a new privacy law that could lead to more consequences for US-based companies than the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Here's what you need to know and how to be compliant.


Feb 07

What is a Data Lake? A Primer on Big Data Storage

Before your data scientists wring value out of your reams of data, it has to be accessible and, on some basic level, coherently arranged. To harness all that brainpower, you need to keep the data wrangling to a minimum. Enter the data lake.


Feb 07

Using Data-Driven Agile Metrics to Get The Most Out of Your Team

Inspect and adapt. These are words every agile practitioner will hear non-stop in their career—and rightly so. What does it take to inspect and adapt? The answer is both simple and extremely complex. It all comes down to experiments.


Feb 07

Exploring the Gentrification of Legacy Applications


Feb 06

Source-to-Settle Tools and Topics: What to Watch in 2020

Source-to-Settle is a competitive field. Providers stand out by taking risks on innovative features for efficiency. Here, we review the tools and topics encountered towards the end of 2019 that we believe are going to be relevant in 2020.


Feb 06

Ensuring the Technical Success of a Digital Innovation Project

Regardless of size and scope of the effort, there are three areas of focus to ensure the success of digital innovation projects: a platform that facilitates rapid ideation, a fully engaged development team, and a supportive enterprise architecture.


Jan 29

The 2020 Real-time Payments Report is finally here.

What is the state of readiness for Real-Time Payments (RTP) across the industry? What are the current RTP integration trends? We tackle big questions like these and more in our 2020 Real-Time Payments Report.
How Real-time Payments Can Help Businesses Better Understand Their Liquidity

In 2019, we participated in the RTP Buildathon, sponsored by The Clearing House, Oracle, Yodlee, and The Carolina Fintech Hub. Our task was creating a compelling use case for leveraging the RTP rail and building a working prototype to demo our idea.


Jan 27

Real-time Payments: Adoption Waves and Readiness

Real-Time Payment (RTP) adoption and readiness have been a point of consideration for Financial Institutions (FIs) dating back to The Clearing House’s (TCH) announcement to launch the service back in 2014.


Jan 14

Troubleshooting AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)

Kubernetes has become the standard when it comes to containerization. While raw Kubernetes is not easy to deploy and manage, cloud services providers such as AWS, Azure and IBM Bluemix provide managed services that significantly ease adoption.


Jan 13

Is Go Ready for Enterprise?

Sharing insights from the Go developer conference in San Diego, affectionately referred to as GopherCon, to try and answer a fundamental question: should Go be used for enterprise applications?


Nov 13

How to Drive More Customer Engagement with Zelle

The P2P space is a competitive landscape with fintechs and big tech companies competing with banks for wallet share. Zelle has strengthened banks’ abilities to participate in this market, helping them maintain their valuable customer relationships.


Nov 06

FIs Don't Consider This a Reason to Launch RTP

When it comes to business drivers, Financial Institutions (FIs) consider this to be their least likely reason to launch Real-Time Payments (RTP), per our 2020 RTP Report.


Oct 22

How Many Smaller FIs are Currently Implementing or Considering Real-time Payments?

As institutions realize that real-time payments expand beyond the P2P use case, the desire and need for adoption of an RTP solution is felt beyond the “big bank” atmosphere.


Oct 15

Majority of Smaller FIs Rely on Third Party Help for RTP Implementation

It should be of no surprise that the majority (84%) of smaller financial institutions are reliant on third-party assistance in launching real-time payments.


Oct 08

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