Cloud & Container Automation

Iterate faster and more securely through automation.

Test new ideas with your customers while the competition is still in the idea phase.


Move quickly, at scale.

A critical component of building scalable and reliable solutions is cloud and container automation. Automation solves many technical challenges, enhances security and compliance, enables faster iteration, offers greater stability, and can even improve customer perception of your product. We help your organization plan and execute a modern and reliable automation strategy for your cloud and container needs.

API & Services Design

To implement full-environment automation for your products or platforms, we start with building a solid foundation for the infrastructure of your cloud or on-prem environments, utilizing cloud-native tools for AWS, GCP, and Azure in tandem with Terraform, Ansible, Puppet, and Chef.

By deeply understanding the business drivers and value of the platform or system, we begin designing your services and APIs. Our software architects collaborate with our DevOps and Cloud teams to develop standard REST APIs, GraphQL endpoints, service-oriented architectures, and microservices-based architectures. Our design and strategy have one goal: to meet the needs of the system.

Lastly, we assist with architecture implementation. We believe in automating these architectures from lower-level infrastructure components all the way up the stack to API management solutions. This enables your organization to iterate in minutes rather than days or weeks, allowing you to test new ideas with customers while your competitors are still in the idea phase.


The microservices architecture paradigm was made popular by Netflix and other industry giants over the last 10 years, but the concepts behind it are not new. There are many advantages to microservices, but it requires a potential organizational design change to align the organization to the microservices ethos. This can be particularly challenging as it requires both a top-down strategic initiative and a grassroots, bottom-up tactical change in methodology. We utilize our unique mentoring approach to consulting to help organizations navigate this paradigm shift in tandem with our technical skills to implement microservices.

Of equal importance, we have also assisted organizations in avoiding microservices. Not every business problem or product needs to utilize microservices. The level of complexity, organizational shift, and investment may not be worthwhile for every project. We help organizations make this strategic decision and create a custom strategy that best suits your needs.

The Bigger Picture

Successfully effecting transformation across an organization requires the orchestration of many moving parts. One component of the transformation effort is building quality software, which relies on proper API and Services Design. Whether you’re planning for the future, improving development velocity, or monetizing data via APIs, creating a proper API design is a large step in the right direction towards full transformation.

Vendors and Platforms

  • Istio
  • Spring Boot / Netflix OSS
  • Apigee
  • 3scale
  • API Gateway
  • Consul / ZooKeeper
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes / EKS / AKS
  • Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform
  • Jenkins / GitLab CI
  • Ansible / Terraform / Chef / Puppet

Selected Experts

Chris Madison

Cloud Capability Lead

Darren Lasley

Senior Cloud Consultant


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